Donations of these items  
          (anytime, but especially now)

Cotton / Wool SOCKS
Gloves / Mittens
Winter HATS

Boots & Shoes

Watches w/ alarms
Sketchbooks @ misc arts supplies

Notebooks & Blank JOURNALs
Soccer Balls / Basketballs...
Make-up things

Baby / Toddler Clothes
Baby / Toddler Snowsuits
Diaper Bags & Diapers
Onesies and Sleepers

Gift Cards / Target, Rainbow Foods, Kaplan Bros, Taco Bell, Wendys  ...

call Gayle 612 280-1484 
or Marney 612 252-1200
(Cash donations are good too -we'll be happy to shop for you!)
donations are tax deductible 

Chi MiiGwetch / BIG Heartfelt Thanks !

Most of my heroes are just decent people. 
Decency is rare and underrated.

Sherman Alexie

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