"Leave your ego, Play the Music, Love the People"... - Luther Allison

Anne Dunn & Annie Humphrey
haring a Family Recipe 

Hattie's Rockin' Recipe!

We Love you Pepe! 

99 and humid didn't wilt Pepe's Recipe

the 'secret ingredient' is no secret 
eh, Grandma

Summer 2002 Concert 

Many Voices Bookstore Lindstrom MN

  Chi MiiGwetch Jamie
and Family


"The human race is the face of all people, different tongues, one heart."--Keith Secola



Making Indian Tacos at Project Offstreets
June 2002



"People everywhere need healing. No one should judge another person by the color of his or her skin. I consider anyone who walks in a sacred way and honors the earth to be indigenous to our planet." - Annie Humphrey



Jolene J. and Robert Mirabal  - signing the flute we raffled at the 2nd Annual Benefit Concert for Project Offstreets / November 2001

                 MiiGwetch Robert!

                              Photo Roderick Greengrass

"Most of my heroes are just decent people. Decency is rare and underrated." - Sherman Alexie  

COOKIN' UP A Big Batch Of FryBreadLove !!!

'Mr FryBread' Keith Secola and the "FryBread Sisters"
(Audience recruit, Keith's sister, Annie Humphrey)
nice guitar Mike - thanks for the photos Neeji !!

1st Annual Benefit Concert For Project Offstreets Nov. 2000
Walker Church / Minneapolis MN

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
                                                                                                    - margaret mead



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